Our biodegradable bike cleaning kit cares for your bike and the environment.

Our bike care kit comes in a cleaning bucket packed with GreenRide products including a degreaser and lubricant.

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What is in our bike cleaning kit?

Why choose GreenRide

Our GreenRide products are designed to be kind to the environment.

  • GreenRide lubricant is manufactured via a unique biochemical process that uses 100% organic cereal crops grown by local Australian farmers.
  • GreenRide degreaser is a co-product in the manufacture of agricultural nature-based biocides.
  • Most other bike cleaning kits and products are imported and are harmful to the environment.
  • We encourage refills for our GreenRide bike care kit to reuse packaging.

Our GreenRide bike care kit comes in a useful bucket and includes a GreenRide lubricant, GreenRide degreaser, a sponge, microfibre cloth and brushes for bike maintenance.

  • 100% Australian sourced ingredients
  • 100% Australian manufactured
  • 100% Australian owned

GreenRide photography competition

Thank you to all that entered our photo competition with your inspiring photos.
A very big congratulations to Warren, Jarred and Tristan who each won a GreenRide bike care kit.
Happy riding!